Meet Me at the Mela

Hot BreadsThe annual Indo-American Fair (mela) takes place at Mercer County Park this weekend (August 30 and 31), and if you haven’t attended before, why not give it a try? 

You’ll feel like you’ve been on a mini-trip to India after browsing the vendors (art, crafts, clothing, etc.), and the dining area will offer a wide range of ways to sample Indian cooking, from full meals to street food snacks. When I first went, I couldn’t tear myself away from the beautiful saris and jewelry on sale; I still treasure a contemporary wooden bracelet I picked up for a song that day.  And speaking of song, the music and dance at this event are fantastic.  There’s even a Bollywood-style dance contest, which I will look forward to watching as I’ve become a closet fan of Bollywood movies over the last couple of years, loving the whirling colors and choreography of the musical numbers.  

The photo here is of some of the delicious curry-filled pastries at Hot Breads bakery, one of the food vendors at the fair.  I visit their locations in Lawrenceville and Franklin Park for these savory items, and also for their elegant European-style cookies, with flavorings like cardamom and pistachio .  It’s all good!

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