Sausage en Poori

sausage in pooriThis was a sleeper success story from a recent potluck luncheon at the office (the same one that led to my previous post mentioning my Asian chicken salad with peaches).

The assortment of foods we brought in spanned the globe.  An Indian dish of potato and pea curry was accompanied by delicious home made pooris, a round deep-fried whole wheat bread.  It puffs up when you cook it, but then deflates as it cools.  You can tell it is sort of double-layered in the photo here, much like a pita (but you don’t split it, as far as I’ve seen).

Indian breads are an art form.  They are many and varied, a true culinary pinnacle. The curry at lunch was plenty good, but that bread, slightly chewy and nutty (whole grain, remember), sent me into transports.

We also had a crockpot of delicious hot Italian sausage and peppers.  One of us, and I wish I could say it was me, but it wasn’t, got the bright idea of popping the sausage into the pooris instead of the torpedo rolls provided.  That is a keeper! 

I was lucky to be sent home with some leftover pooris, and soon after I made spicy lamb rogan josh (the one with brick red Kashmiri chili powder).  I quickly reheated a couple pooris in my toaster oven, and folded them around pieces of that sauced lamb dabbed with raita (yogurt sauce).  Heaven!

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