Asian Chicken Salad

Asian chicken saladThis was an impromptu worknight salad that worked out better than I expected. So well, in fact, that I made a similar version later that week, adding some fresh NJ peaches, for a pot luck office event.

It all started, as so many things do, at Trader Joe’s, where I purchased something I rarely deign to notice – boneless skinless chicken breasts.  Not only that, but these were already cooked and frozen, in a sweet and tangy Asian sauce (hey, when it’s 100° outside, shortcuts will be taken!).

I thawed out a piece, and sliced it up on a bed of butter lettuce, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, etc.  The chicken had some brown, sesame-seed flecked sauce clinging to it, but I did add a little bottled ginger dressing I had at home, and sprinkled on some mixed black and white sesame seeds I keep handy. 

Crunchy fried wonton skins would have been nice with this, but I didn’t have any.  What I did find in my freezer, however, were flaky many-layered scallion pancakes from a cooking demo at the Asian Food Market in Plainsboro.  I quicky heated one of those on my stovetop griddle, and cut that into wedges. 

Voila!  A quick and delicious dinner on a very hot night.

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