Pot Pie from Griggstown Farm

Griggstown Potpie

Chicken Pot Pie from Griggstown Farm is delicious and what I call “grownup pot pie.”  That’s because it has grown up vegetables in it, besides the usual peas and carrots. Parsnips, turnips and fennel (and cremini mushrooms) also make an appearance, in a sauce based on chicken stock, not cream.

The chicken is from the Farm’s own flocks, and it appears to be at least partly dark meat, which also makes it more interesting. (White meat is not as flavorful and it tends to dry out, even in sauce.)

The pie is topped off by puff pastry (made with butter, not tropical oils), and it is lovely.  I do miss the bottom crust in pot pies nowadays, though, as when that was done right, the bottom crust would actually be, well, crusty, browned and delicious. But I guess that’s too much trouble, or people are afraid of the carbs or fats, or it adds too much to the sauce.  Even McCaffrey’s has forsaken the bottom crust.  Pity.

2 thoughts on “Pot Pie from Griggstown Farm

  1. faith, just came across this little blog you wrote and just wanted to say that i frequent griggstown market and absolutely love their pot pies! while the small pie is quite delicious, just thought i would let you know that the LARGE pot pie they sell is even better due to the fact that it HAS a bottom crust, which is flaky and tasty. you should give it a whirl if you really miss the double crust. thanks and love your blog. -henry

  2. Goodness, thank you, I did not know that. I wonder why…unfortunately, the larger size is just to much for a single person, but I think I’ll ask them about that next time I visit. I appreciate your reading and commenting!

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