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September Best Bites – a mash-up of home and out and about

September Best Bites – a mash-up of home and out and about

While I took a break for a few days thanks to that flu, I still enjoyed some nice late summer meals in September, including lunches at Seasons 52 and Ricky’s Thai, and a nice dinner at the newish La Rouge 23 in Allentown – fantastic wings and fries there (and more), my review should be in … Continue reading

A Supermarket Tale

It seemed simple enough. I was nearly out of green peppercorns, the ones packed in brine, so I added them to my grocery list.  I don’t go through them quickly, but every now and then, when I’m splurging on a nice steak, I like pungent green peppercorn sauce, the kind you might find in a … Continue reading


Just as I eat breakfast for dinner since I rarely cook breakfast in the morning, I tend to do the same with lunch, a meal I rarely eat at home. I’ve had some nice end-of-summer tomatoes, plus good bacon, so used them in two kinds of sandwiches for recent dinners – grilled cheese (I had sliced “fontina” on … Continue reading

Sausage Gravy on Sweet Potato Biscuit

Okay, it looks a mess, because, as is often the case, I didn’t think of taking the photo until I’d had a couple bites. This was one of my last cool morning weekend breakfasts of early spring.  Every now and then I just have to have sausage gravy on a biscuit. And I’d found these little bags … Continue reading