Grilled Cheese

Just as I eat breakfast for dinner since I rarely cook breakfast in the morning, I tend to do the same with lunch, a meal I rarely eat at home.

I’ve had some nice end-of-summer tomatoes, plus good bacon, so used them in two kinds of sandwiches for recent dinners – grilled cheese (I had sliced “fontina” on hand) and BLT.  Both very satisfying!

The bread is a favorite of mine, the Saloio bread I buy at ShopRite.  I finally got around to googling saloio and it is, as I suspected, Portuguese. I love this bread.  It has a crisp crust and light interior.  It is not too chewy, which is sometimes what I prefer.  I do love my hearty whole grain country breads, but sometimes feel like I have to do battle with those in a sandwich.  Too hard to bite off and chew, and the filling ends up mangled.

BLTThere is a delicacy to saloio bread that translates well in sandwiches, but it’s not so delicate that it can’t take a little handling.  It makes wonderful toast, too, which is why I like it so much for these sandwiches.

They usually have sliced and unsliced available. I take the easy route and buy it sliced, although I wouldn’t mind it a little thicker.  And I end up freezing some of it, because it is a much bigger loaf than I can use up quickly.  It also makes great bread crumbs and croutons, too.

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