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Happy Thanksgiving & Remember Others

Dear readers, to you and yours, the best of holidays, whether you dine with family, with friends, or in solitary splendor (yes, sometimes that’s a treat!), I hope you have a good Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. Please remember those who are less fortunate as we go into the holiday season.  A few local suggestions: Mercer Street … Continue reading


We’re down to the wire for ordering Thanksgiving dishes.  A lot of the better restaurants and caterers are offering all sorts of delicious sides and desserts to go with your turkey.  Don’t stress, just augment your own dishes with some that are purchased, but made with quality ingredients. For instance: Wooden Spoon Catering at The Cooperative … Continue reading

Thank You Tre Piani

FROM SOUP (er, oysters) TO NUTS (okay, this isn’t the pecan pie, but the entrée), GOOD JOB JIM! Thanks from my family to you and yours, and your great staff!