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Now that’s a salad

This is my favorite salad of the moment, based on the house salad at DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies in the Washington Town Center, Robbinsville.  Usually it’s made with spring mix, but I had arugula at home, which went quite well with the fruit-nut story. Theirs has slices of apple, but I usually just throw in dried … Continue reading

Seafood Salad

This summery seafood salad is from Dolce & Clemente’s Italian Market in Robbinsville, and it tasted as good as it looks. Last time I checked, their planned cafe, Tavola Calda, in the same complex, was not open yet but hopefully they are now, or will be soon.  If you travel to LBI via Rte. 526, you … Continue reading

Terrific Torrone

Italian torrone is a sweet of ancient origin I fondly remember from childhood as being appealingly exotic (and darned sweet).  It is a nougat made with egg whites, honey, sugar, and nuts, and the kind we used to get at Christmas was wrapped in edible rice paper wafers.  Each piece was in a pretty little box.  I wish … Continue reading