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Chocolate Cannele

Wegmans spells it cannele, Wikipedia spells it canelé. Either way, it was cute and good. This cylindrical pastry, made in a special mold, was avaialbe in plain (vanilla?) or chocolate at the Wegmans pastry counter the other day.  It is cake-like with a custard filling, and at $1.50, a nice treat. You could even put … Continue reading

Jersey Fresh Mozzarella?

Who knew?  Imagine my surprise when I picked up a ball of smoked mozzarella at Wegmans recently and saw a Jersey Fresh Milk label on it.  That is great to see! I was buying the ingredients to make a pizza recipe I was using in my Packet In The Kitchen column for today (10/22), featuring butternut … Continue reading

Roast Chicken

It felt like fall outside and I wanted roast chicken.  I picked out a big organic chicken in Wegmans and asked the butcher to cut it up – a first for me, but I just didn’t want to struggle with it at home.  A small luxury, and much appreciated! At home I already had those … Continue reading

Last call for East Coast Food & Wine Festival

You’ll want to purchase advance tickets for this don’t-miss event taking place June 26 and 27! Attendees at the East Coast Food & Wine Festival will sample dishes prepared with locally grown vegetables, fruits, seafood, chicken, meats and more, dished up by some of the most exciting chefs in the State and complimented by award-winning … Continue reading

Congrats, Congrats, and Wow

Congratulations to Elements restaurant in Princeton for their well-deserved “Don’t Miss” review in The New York Times today.  And, nestled right next to it, in the print edition, a very nice Quick Bite piece on another favorite spot of mine, the Blue Rooster Bakery & Café in Cranbury. That takes care of the Congrats, Congrats.  … Continue reading

Wegmans Twisted Root Baguette

This Twisted Root bread from Wegmans is delicious and interesting to look at, as the long loaf was twisted before baking, so it’s sort of swirly looking on the outside (which I neglected to photograph!). Beneath the not-too-thick crust you’ll find a light-textured interior, made more intesting by the addition of some rye and barley malt.  … Continue reading

Wegmans Stir-Fry

I have to hand it to Wegmans (and not for the first time).  I was there today and in the produce section saw pre-cut stir-fry vegetables, all laid out in rectangular trays, ready for you to take home and cook.  There was even a store chef there about to start a demonstration.  The photo here … Continue reading


I always say hello to Chef Cindy Groman when I go to Wegmans.  She’s usually dishing up a sample of one of her great seafood creations, and I’m guessing that she’s taught hundreds, if not thousands, of people to cook fish with confidence over the years. But the other day, instead of cooking, she was preparing gorgeous … Continue reading

Wine Mania (and some beer, too)

I am getting more and more emails each week about wine dinners and tasting events in the Princeton area.  These events are all the rage, and many of them seem to sell out quickly, even in this economy.  I think it’s the “value added” aspect of them.  Not only are you enjoying several courses of well-prepared … Continue reading

Osso Buco

Sometimes I have to outwit my freezer.  If I want to slip in something new, I must take something out.  Yes, I am one of those people whose freezer is always too full.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as one friend tells me, and sure enough, my father is the same way – and … Continue reading