NJ SPICE Grocery Index

I often visit several grocery stores over the course of a few days.  My dad used to cover three or so in one morning, ranging far and wide across Mercer County to get his favorite items at each store.  So, it’s in my DNA that I will wander about in the same way, and I thought that, in these days of high inflation, it would be good to do a little comparison shopping occasionally and report my findings back to you, dear reader.  I’m starting off with two icons of American food, tomato soup and bananas*: 

Store Bananas Campbell’s Tomato Soup (10 3/4 oz can, condensed)
Acme, Princeton Jct $.79/lb $.73 (“save 16 cents”)
McCaffrey’s, Princeton $.69/lb $.89
Peapod (home delivery charges not incl.) $.39/each $.75 (on sale)
ShopRite, Montgomery  $.79/lb $.75 (on sale, usually $.79)
Wegmans, West Windsor $.59/lb $.75

* Information gathered 8/28 and 8/29.  Please note that this is not a “scientific” survey.  I do my best, but errors can occur, plus every store has its own way of labeling sale items and there are many types of promotions.

4 thoughts on “NJ SPICE Grocery Index

  1. Thank you, I always love to hear about a new place! But when I search online the only Hamilton Farms I find is on another road, and in Boonton. What is “your” Hamilton Farms near? And are you suggesting it for general interest as a foodie destination, or in connectin with the Grocery Index?

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