I am LOL at today’s New York Times business section article about Spam.  Long the subject of food jokes, Spam is amazingly still around and apparently thriving.  This cheap stand-in for ham was first produced in 1937, and in these rough economic times, is proving more popular than ever at around $2.40 for 12 ounces.  At least the folks on the Spam production line in Austin, Minnesota have some job security.

At the Hormel Foods website I learn that there is a whole “SPAM Family of Products,” consisiting of 12 versions of the iconic product.  Of particular note is one named Spam Golden Honey Grail, in honor of the Broadway musical, Spamalot.  There are even Lite and Low-Sodium (25% less) versions (the regular version has 790 milligrams of sodium per 2-ounce serving.)

At least the Hormel folks have a sense of humor; their website links directly to, where we are greeted by a can of Spam floating on a cloud as a paper airplane sails into view.  It is self-conscious parody for sure.  I could almost buy some Spam, or amusing Spam tschokes. But not quite.

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