An Apple for the Teacher?

Terhune ApplesGo figure. I’m one of those people who enjoy ice cream just as much, if not more, in winter as in summer. 

So I’ll be sashaying over the the Whole Earth Center soon to try the latest batch of Princeton School Garden Ice Cream.  These special “limited edition” flavors are created by the bent spoon, and they have just delivered the perfect Thanksgiving flavor to WEC – Terhune Orchards Caramel Apple Ice Cream.

All ingredients and labor for this month’s ice cream were donated by Terhune Orchards, the bent spoon, and Whole Earth Center. Stop by the Whole Earth to get a pint for a $7.00 donation to the garden at Riverside Elementary School (plus 75 cents for the reusable plastic container).

Riverside Elementary will use the money for an exciting new project–Lawn to Food. A community-wide project, Lawn to Food will encourage residents to turn a 4-by-8-foot piece of their lawn into an edible garden. The Garden Ice Cream fund will support the creation of 4-by-8-foot demonstration gardens at Riverside School. The Lawn to Food project will launch on January 3 at 11:00am at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival.

Now this is what I call doing good with taste!

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