elements – awesome!

Foie Gras TorchonI just can’t resist somewhat scooping my own upcoming (12/26) Packet review of the new restaurant in town, elements.  Let’s just say I was very impressed with my recent dinner there, which included the Foie Gras Torchon appetizer at left.  Scott Anderson is in his – ouch! – element here, with a highly imaginative global menu that ranges far and wide in interesting flavors and combinations. 

There are touches of many ethnic cuisines, underpinned by good old French technique; Asian, Middle Eastern, Italian, Indian, Spanish…you name it.  The food looks “delicate” but we were stuffed by the end of our meal (a nice breadbasket was our first undoing).

Trust him.  Go give it a try soon, and maybe, like me, you’ll get all excited about food all over again.  And be sure to try the 48-Hour Short Ribs that somehow still come out looking rare (the secret is sous vide…).

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