I have loved Tortoni, the Italian frozen custard treat with a toasted almond topping, since childhood. It was my dessert of choice in any Chambersburg restaurant, when that was the Trenton hot spot for Italian food. It’s so hard to find now, I think the only place in recent memory where I’ve found it was at the Homestead Inn on Kuser Road, believe it or not (and that was not really so recent).  I did see that the New York Times wrote about it in February, which was nice, so maybe this dessert will enjoy a bit of a resurgence.

I was excited to find tortoni on Sunday in the frozen case at Dolce & Clemente’s Itlaian Market in Robbinsville (Washington Town Center, corner of Rtes. 526 & 33).  I snatched up a pack of 4 for $4.00, and so did my friend Joan who was with me.

There’s more coming from this market, in a couple of weeks they’ll open Dolce & Clemente’s Tavola Calda, a cafe/bistro in the same complex, fronting on Rte. 33.

2 thoughts on “Tortoni!

  1. Thanks for the heads up about the tortoni. I was in Trenton today and headed over to Dolce & Clemente’s to pick up a package. There were two left; now there’s one!

  2. Tortoni is dangerous! At Dolce & Clemente’s I bought a package of four and finished off two in one evening – and another two the next night. Even now I longingly return to my freezer hoping there is one more waiting for me just inside. (not.)
    Joan G.

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