Bacon & Eggs elements’ way

Bacon & eggsCute, huh?  This diminuitive feat of culinary magic appeared in front of my cousin and me at the end of a recent Sunday brunch at elements in Princeton.

We hadn’t ordered dessert, but the staff proudly presented it to us, compliments of the chef.  Inside the egg shell we found layers of brioche (was that a little chocolate at bottom?), bacon and egg custard, and maple foam.  And of course, there is the teensy slice of french toast with bacon and maple syrup you see on the side of the egg.  Lovely!

I’m so pleased that Princeton seems to be welcoming the creative fusion cusine of elements chef/co-owner Scott Anderson with open arms.  They have raised the bar on fine, contemporary dining in the area.  Be sure to also check out their Outstanding in the Field dinner at Cherry Grove Farm on September 1.  I hear it won’t be the first time Scott has cooked under a tent outside.

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