Lamb & Egglplant

Lamb & EggplantThis meal was surprisingly quick to put together on a recent worknight.  I’d already thawed the ground lamb that I almost always have on hand in the freezer (often from Whole Earth Center).  I had a plump eggplant waiting in the crisper.

The eggplant I sliced in half (lengthwise of course), slashed the cut sides, and brushed with olive oil. I sprinkled some Syrian pepper and dried oregano on that.

For the lamb, I mixed it with breadcrumbs (dry or fresh, but please not store bought), milk, mint, minced shallot, and s&p to taste.  Oh, and I had some feta cheese to use up, so I crumbled that in.

I broiled the eggplant and lamb in the oven at the same time.  The eggplant I left cut side up throughout (it cooks pretty quickly, you’d be surprised), while I turned the lamb once.  On the side I had some of the very good lentil/bulghur salad from the Whole Earth Center deli, and chunks of cucumber and radish.  I may have had some yogurt-mint (or dill or what you like) sauce waiting on the side, too.  Sometimes I take the time to make it, sometimes not.  A delicious and easy dinner!

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