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Good Korma

Cherry Grove lamb cubes with  TastyBite Good Korma simmer sauce and added Kashmiri chile (a girl needs her spice).  Yogurt sauce and basmati rice with apples and raisins from Trader Joe’s. This was a quick and easy meal, although I probably should have simmered the lamb longer, to make it more tender. But it was getting … Continue reading

Indian Lamb (vegetarians, avert your eyes)

It all started when I accidentally bought two containers of Trader Joe’s very good raita, that yogurt-based Indian sauce.  It happens. When I got home and realized my mistake, I figured I’d better cook a lot of Indian food that week.  First I cooked boneless chicken thighs in Seeds of Change‘s Jalfrezi simmer sauce. (The bottle and … Continue reading

Lamb Lo Mein & thank you PSE&G

Determined to mine the depths of my freezer recently (to make room for new “loot”), I thawed out some grass fed ground lamb I’d purchased at the Whole Earth Center.  I also had a package of frozen lo mein noodles, which only need about 40 seconds in boiling water to cook if you thaw them … Continue reading

Lamb & Egglplant

This meal was surprisingly quick to put together on a recent worknight.  I’d already thawed the ground lamb that I almost always have on hand in the freezer (often from Whole Earth Center).  I had a plump eggplant waiting in the crisper. The eggplant I sliced in half (lengthwise of course), slashed the cut sides, and … Continue reading