Lamb Lo Mein & thank you PSE&G

Lamb Lo MeinDetermined to mine the depths of my freezer recently (to make room for new “loot”), I thawed out some grass fed ground lamb I’d purchased at the Whole Earth Center.  I also had a package of frozen lo mein noodles, which only need about 40 seconds in boiling water to cook if you thaw them first.

I stir fried some garlic, ginger, and scallions, tossed in the lamb, and once that browned, added and cooked off some sake.  Then I added the drained noodles and about a half cup of Sweet Bean Paste from the Asian Supermarket.  Voila!  Surprisingly delicious if I do say so, in part because of the very tasty lamb.

By the way, my power came back on after 30 hours, far sooner than PSE&G had estimated.  Whew!  Thanks to that and the dry ice I’d snagged, most of my groceries, and everything in the freezer, are fine.

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