Chill Out with Bent Spoon

Bent SpoonIf I find myself near Palmer Square, I make a point of stopping by Bent Spoon on Palmer Square if I don’t see a line out the door. They make so many interesting flavors of their artisan ice cream and sorbet, there’s always something new to get excited about (and now I follow them on Twitter, too).

The icy treat you see at left is from Mother’s Day, when my cousin Nancy came to visit.  You see blood orange peeking out from the bottom (can’t remember if it was ice cream or sorbet), and on top, in honor of Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo holiday, is Numero Cinco sorbet.  This is basically a frozen margarita – lime, Contreau, Cuervo Gold tequila and a sprinkling of sea salt on top combined to make a deliciously tart treat.

I recently enjoyed two other flavors at Blue Point Grill, vanilla caramel ice cream and a dark chocolate mint sorbet that seemed so creamy that I could not believe it was dairy-free.  But the Bent Spoon owners have assured me it was, crediting the 61% Guittard chocolate that they use for the rich, chocolatey taste.  I don’t know how they get it so smooth and creamy, though, they must have great blending equipment. 

I notice more and more flavors of Bent Spoon being sold in the Whole Earth Center, too, which is great for me, right on the way home, and easy parking.

4 thoughts on “Chill Out with Bent Spoon

  1. The Bent Spoon is easily the pinnacle of culinary experience in Princeton, and one of the best gelato/artisan ice cream spots in the U.S. It ranks right up there with many of the best in Italy! It is a real treasure.

  2. Delightful, even coy, picture and a story to relish, Faith.

    Frozen margarita ice cream- brilliant! How and WHERE do they GET their ideas! Clearly, Creativity in our town is not limited to the visual arts.

    Thank you for this welcome jaunt on rainy day — reminding me that after Janet drove me so we could turn my late lamented Oldsmobile over to the American Kidney Foundation, I took HER out for a margarita — the old fashioned kind. There was a certain measure of devil-may-care in this middle-of-the-night excursion. What IS it about margaritas…?

    Appreciatively, Carolyn

  3. Between the spoon, Thomas Sweet and Halo Pub, I wonder how much ice cream gets sold in Princeton each week. In the summer, every place regularly has lines out the door. That’s a lot of ice cream.

  4. You’re so right, we’ve become an ice cream crazed town. But, of course, those calories don’t count when you eat standing up, right?

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