Nomad No More

                                             Nomad Pizza                Nomad Pizza is finally open in Hopewell.  Not that the truck with the brick oven built onto it won’t go to events anymore, but now you can enjoy this artisanal pizza any Wednesday through Saturday from 5 to 10 pm.  (Sunday through Tuesday, you can book the joint for your private party.)

I was in Hopewell one night a couple weeks ago and noticed a crowd out on the patio at the old Soup du Jour location, and then remembered that co-owners Tom Grim and Stalin Bedon had been working on extensive renovations there so his roving pizza party could have a home.  There’s even a herb garden outside, designed by Peter Soderman, with trellises created by David Robinson.

Congratulations Nomad!  Go visit soon – cash or check only, by the way.

4 thoughts on “Nomad No More

  1. Tried to eat there Sat 9/19, patio was packed with diners and those waiting for a table (they even had to stop taking phone orders). Next time we’ll arrive later after the crowd has thinned.

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