For Shame!


I’ve been so busy, I’ve neglected to post on the recent furor about the mega-food industry’s latest attempt to subvert the trend towards natural, whole, foods.  A September 4 story in the New York Times has led to a lot of handwringing on the part of natural food advocates. I actually yelled at my computer monitor when I read it.

The Smart Choices program hopes to steer consumers to products flaunting a green checkmark, which meet their (very minimal) standards and have enough money to buy in.  Eileen T. Kennedy, the (allegedly unpaid) President of the Smart Choices board, and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy (and how unsavory is this?), was quoted as saying “You’re rushing around, you’re trying to think about healthy eating for your kids and you have a choice between a doughnut and a cereal…So Froot Loops is a better choice.”  Oh puh-lease, if they could find a way to put a green checkmark on that doughnut…

Even the FDA and the Department of Agriculture are looking askance at this one.

Consumers, please vote with your wallets, or understand that in food, as in government, we get what we deserve.

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