Roast beef hashOne of my favorite winter weekend breakfasts is corned beef hash, even canned, and also roast beef hash, which is what is pictured here.  I have occasionally made my own, with those sort of pyramid-shaped cans of corned beef from Brazil.  I don’t even want to think about the ingredients list on that can, but I have yet to cook corned beef at home, so make do.  Maybe next time I’ll buy corned beef at a deli-counter instead, something that only recently occured to me to try. 

Once the hash is brown and crusty, I crack a nice, farm-fresh egg on top and let it cook, covered (easier than poaching the egg separately!).  Hash was one of my mother’s favorite breakfasts when we went out for Sunday brunch in a good diner (not that we didn’t have it at home, too).  And some more upscale restaurants make it with flaked leftover salmon which is divine, especially if you have a little white sauce to nap it with!

When I do make my own corned beef hash, I use a recipe from the Joy of Cooking, but there are countless versions online.  When it’s home made, it is such a pleasant and flavorful surprise, I’m surprised I don’t take the trouble more often.

One thought on “Hash

  1. My favorite recipe for hash is found in ‘Jasper White’s Cooking From New England’; specifically, it’s red flannel hash. Make a New England boiled dinner. I’ve made it with both corned beef and a good brisket. Make much more than you need and use the leftovers for the red flannel hash. The ‘red flannel’ name comes from the addition of the red beets. Go crazy; make a depression in the hash with a small bowl, break an egg into the depression and as the hash heats in the oven the egg will cook. Few things on earth are better. Enjoy, Dave

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