Female Food Power!

Wooden Spoon CateringJust got back from a very convivial holiday open house put on by four area women in the food business.  If you act quickly, you might still be able to place orders for some of the delicious goodies I sampled this afternoon, if not for Christmas, maybe for New Year’s entertaining.

Chris Crawford of Wooden Spoon Catering (those are her mini lobster cheesecakes pictured at left), hosted the event in her catering kitchen.  She’s got a great thing going, providing “incubation” space to some other women who have new food businesses of their own.  Women entrepreneurs supporting each other – I love it! 

Simply Nic'sAlso present was Nicole Bergman of Simply Nic’s Artisanal Shortbread (she was trying out two new flavors, chocolate/ orange/cardamom and a nut-free Pfferneuse). I’m such a fan of her shortbread, it was great to finally meet her!

Jen Carson of Jen’s Cakes & Pastries produced the little tartlets pictured below left. They were cute and tasty and seemed to disappear moments after she restocked the dishes.

Jen's Cakes


And Annette Villaverde of Ladybug Luggage Gourmet Cookies; her very elegant tiny cookies and cupcakes (below right) had interesting imprints and glittery decorations on top, like a firm icing cap with a tiny glittery stocking cap. Adorable!


Ladybug Luggage

It is heartening to see these ladies working so hard to build their (mostly) fledgling businesses, especially in this economy.  The creativity and passion they bring to their endeavors is what has saved this country time and again.


6 thoughts on “Female Food Power!

  1. I am totally intrigued by “lobster cheesecakes”… were they served cold, room-temperature, or hot? Sounds sort of like a crustless quiche.

  2. Thanks for coming yesterday, Faith. It was so nice to see you again. I appreciate your kind words about our “all girl kitchen”. I’m fortunate to have found these talented and gracious women to share my space.

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