Bread & Friends

Blue Rooster bread

This lovely apricot-walnut loaf is from the Blue Rooster Bakery & Cafe in Cranbury.

I went to Cranbury to drop off a couple of items I’d bought at the Indian market for some friends who live there.  Of course, I could not leave town without stopping into the bakery to see which of their fabulous breads were available.

I wavered between the baguette (theirs is perfection) and this one last loaf of apricot-walnut.  It’s a lot for me to use up, so maybe I’ll take it into the office to share.  So far I’ve had it with butter and a also with a very nice gift of Delice de Bourgogne cheese from Olsson’s in the Trenton Farmers Market I’d received.  Heaven.

I left Cranbury with enough food to weather a blizzard thanks to this and my friend’s insistence on pressing food into my hands.  They were having lunch when I arrived, so of course I had to try the lamb shoulder and quince stew she’d made (like me, they are Armenian, and she’s a food professional).  Okay, I said, but just a bite, because I’d just had a late breakfast at home.  It was delicious of course!

Take some home.

No, thanks, I have too much food at home already. 

Or some leg of lamb I made, take some of that home instead!

No, no, really, I can’t open my fridge without food falling out, plus I have a leg of lamb in the freezer I should use soon. 

Oh, I made chicken thighs with spinach, too, you must take some of that home. 

“Just take it,” her husband hissed. 

God bless him, he was right, there was no way I was going to get out of there without food in my hands.

I love chicken thighs, so sure, and thank you.

She immediately whipped out the cutest ceramic dish all ready to go, garnished with sesame seeds, covered with clear wrap and nestled in its own little basket.  Surely this was intended for some sick or needy person that I was now depriving of this lovely sustinence.

Keep the dish! she said.

Boy, I so love my friends; like bread, they are my staff of life!

Chicken and spinach


5 thoughts on “Bread & Friends

  1. No needy person is without the chicken and spinach. I packed it not knowing who would like it and hoping to get more feedback on a recipe.
    Thank you for stopping by at just the right time, Faith. I got a hug and to use your taste buds.
    I agree, Blue Rooster’s bread is awesome.

  2. The chicken was delectable, thank you, juicy and flavorful. I was the envy of my friends at lunch today, and everyone wants to know where/if they can find the cute serving dish with the basket!

  3. My friend is in Cranbury, but the market is up Rte. 27, Patel Cash & Carry, 2800 Route 27 North (Ryan Plaza), 732-821-0667. I have not noticed gold leaf there (or anywhere local for that matter), but you never know. Getting fancy are we? Can’t wait to read about what gorgeous creation you make!

  4. O, Faith, this is JUST delightful!

    I’ve said it before — I treasure the way you take us with you on your food excursions.

    I guess, come to think of it, that, for you, every excursion leads to food…

    That reminds me, when I told my girls, in Rome, as we were eating first gnocchi, that the Roman army was said to have ‘marched on its stomach’, Diane observed, “Mom, that’s what WE do!” Cath, somewhat less enchanted, chimed in with, “I think the Roman army marched to get AWAY from these.”

    I have since had better gnocchi, in this country, probably even with you, Faith.

    It feels as though I taste, not only what you bought at Blue Rooster; and of course, what you took home from Pam, but also that which you did not permit!

    Picture delightful, also.

    There is warmth in this exchange that makes up for all wind chills and snow events.


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