Soup to Nuts

NutsI don’t know about you, but I love nuts. Over the years I’ve made a lot of spiced nuts myself at home, but these are actually honey-roasted mixed nuts from Walgreen’s.

They are quite good, and once they’re put into a nice dish, your guests will never know what a bargain they were. CVS also has good prices on nuts, as does (no surprise here) Trader Joe’s.

Who would have thought we’d be buying nuts at the drugstore? And when I was in CVS just before Christmas, I noticed the half-and-half in their refrigerated case was hormone and antibiotic free, from Pennsylvania, which pretty much qualifies as local for buying milk.  I used some in the ricotta cheese I made.  Who knew?!

One thought on “Soup to Nuts

  1. Wonderful news about nuts, and CVS of all places – coming up in the world as we seem to go down. Who knew? I really love almonds and buy the roasted, unsalted kind at Trader Joes, and almond nut butter in bulk from Whole Earth. At the Earth store, you can bring your own clean jar or buy one of theirs to fill it up in bulk. Since I’m trying to eliminate sugars from my otherwise healthy diet, (and pretty sucessfully too)I grab a nut to two or more when I get the urge for something to snack on. As the Marx Brothers would say, “nuts to you!” (And, if you don’t know who the Marx Brothers were, you’re far too young to read this comment.)Joan Goldstein

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