Butternut Squash

Roasted butternut squash

Ever since they started selling pre-cut butternut squash a few years ago, I’ve been eating it more often.   The convenience (not to mention the safety issues with me and knives and big hard squashes) is irresistible.

Often I’ll just toss it with olive oil and sage leaves and roast it on a sheet pan until tender.  Sometimes it gets brown, but this batch didn’t, as I’d maybe used a slightly lower oven temperature (no reason).  I also added a sliced garlic clove this time.

Then I use it up during the week in a number of ways.  As a veggie side, puréed into soup, whatever, it never goes to waste.  This batch is destined to be part of a pasta dish I want to try, from a brief description I read somewhere – penne with butternut squash and spinach.  Maybe some Fontina cheese too. although I’m not sure if that was in the description I read or if I just thought it sounded good.  Gorgonzola would probably also be good.  So maybe I’ll put it together with the cheese and briefly bake it, as I love pasta “al forno” (from the oven) dishes so much.

2 thoughts on “Butternut Squash

  1. Hi Faith,
    Where you do buy the pre cut butternut squash,all I can find when I look at Shop Rite or Stop and Shop is the mushed up frozen kind. Thanks, Pat

  2. I find it at Wegmans or Trader Joe’s but have no (or rare) luck at ShopRite and McCaffrey’s unfortunately. Why I don’t know. At Wegmans I also buy mirepoix and chopped celery, onion, all those different combinations they do so well, and I even keep those in the freezer. Montgomery, where I live, just off the Princeton Township border, could really use a more upscale market, in my opinion (maybe when the economy recovers), because sometimes weeks go by before I have time to go to Wegmans or Trader Joe’s.

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