Pizza de Provence

Pizza de ProvenceI recently enjoyed dinner at Sophie’s Bistro in Somerset (you can read about it in the February 17-19 issue of the Packet’s TimeOff), including their appetizer Pizza de Provence, topped with pear, bleu cheese, and sunflower seeds.

So good was it, I couldn’t resist trying it at home.  Please excuse my crust!  I bought pizza dough, and it was so elastic, I just could not get it to stay stretched out into a 12-inch round.  I’ve never had this trouble before, but I was hungry and it was getting late, so I threw the danged thing onto my pizza peel, topped it, and slid it onto the pizza stone in my oven.   A pale, doughy crust was the result, but the toppings were great! 

So, do as I say, not as I do, in this case.  Get yourself a thin crust, and top with very thinly sliced pear (if pear is hard, pre-cook it a little on an oiled pan in oven), sprinkle with bleu cheese and shower with toasted sunflower seeds (which I buy in little bags, pre-toasted).  Ten minutes or so at 400 or 425, et voila!

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