Oyster Bowl XI-Slurp for the Cure

Sunday is New Jersey’s Oyster Bowl XI, presented by Blue Point Grill and Nassau Broadcasting Partners.  The Oyster Bowl is an annual oyster eating contest to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure Central and South Jersey. Hundreds of spectators gather each year to watch contestants devour all the oysters they can in a two-minute period, enjoy the once-yearly chance to have lunch at Blue Point Grill, enter to win fabulous raffle prizes, and participate in family-friendly activities. 

There are many ways to support and enjoy this event, where the grand prize is a trip for two to the Carribean. Visit that website and get your slurp on Sunday on the sidewalk outside Blue Point Grill at 11:00am!

One thought on “Oyster Bowl XI-Slurp for the Cure

  1. Faith, allow me to celebrate you for steadily calling attention to worthy causes in our midst. For all your passion for food, you see that this enthusiasm can be put to uses beyond the individual. And you turn your skills, time and energy to those fine ends.

    Thank you.


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