DIY Candy

Smith's CandyNow here’s a sweet treat – and these holiday candies were home made!

Maybe you’ll whip up a few DIY candies for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, or save the idea for future inspiration. Either way, here is proof that it can be done in a home kitchen, so make your resolution to learn something new this year. (And, as they say, amaze your friends!)

(Top photo-milk caramel, fleur de sel caramel, yuzu-cherry nougat and something milk choco w/almonds. Lower photo- mixed chocolates, and note the key to tell you what each one is.)

These candies were lovingly created by someone who was a postdoc in a lab where I work at Princeton University. Erin Smith, you are a woman of hidden talents! She made them with her boyfriend Dave, and I’d say they are quite professional.  I sampled a couple, so can vouch for the delicious factor.  I am SO impressed! (And you can read all about their culinary endeavors on their blog.)

Smith Chocolates


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