Kudos to Olive’s Princeton

Olive's DessertsGood work Olive’s!

Olive’s did some catering at an event I ran this past weekend, and they did a great job. The baked-in-house breakfast items were very good, especially an excellent crumb-topped coffee cake.  At lunch, the sandwich trays held a wonderful variety, including one with delicious eggplant.  The potato salad was a hit, just the way I like it, with plenty of celery and not too much mayo. 

And the assorted dessert trays were truly impressive. Here you see a rocky road brownie (upper left), it has a decadent layer of marshmallow, a very nice almond cookie (upper right), and a triangle of tart lemon bar (sorry, I smushed that a little getting it onto the plate – a recycled/biodegradable plate, if you please.)

There were also pieces of baklava (owner Adam Angelakis is Greek), cookies, other brownies – just a lot of very good variety and everyone was happy, happy, happy as Emeril says. 

And Paul, the staff member who assisted – EXCELLENT!

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