Spicy eggplant

Now that my review of Penang Malaysian & Thai Cuisine has appeared in the Packet TimeOff, I wanted to share some photos I took at the table during my dinner. 

At left you see the Golden Fried Eggplant, it was quite delicious, addictive, really, with a good hit of heat from the chopped chilies sprinkled on top. (You could pick most of those off if you wanted to, but I toughed it out in the end.)

Next is the Fish Head Rice Noodle “soup,” with its milky broth.

It was a real surprise to see that dairy in an Asian restaurant. The green vegetables and pickled cabbage were just the perfect addition to a mild dish.

Fish head soup

Next, at the bottom, is the Volcano Pork in its foil package. The sauce stops short of being a too-sweet sweet-and-sour sauce. It’s more savory than that.

Volcano pork








The flavors in these dishes were so varied, each one was good in its own way.  It is always fun to try something new here!

2 thoughts on “Penang

  1. After reading your review, I rushed right over to Penang and have since been there twice. The eggplant is everything you say and more. I also liked the fish and seaweed soup, especially good on a nasty day like yesterday. However, most things there are overly salty — maybe I’m too sensitive because I’m trying to reduce salt these days. But every now and then, a salt splurge, and the saltiness is definitely part of the addictiveness of the eggplant.

  2. I am often bothered by too much salt, but for some reason haven’t noticed it there. Restaurant food in general, though, is very salty, and I am still thirsty after my (albeit delicious!) tour of Taste of the Nation last night.

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