Confectionately Yours pastrami

Just last week I posted about Confectionately Yours, the family restaurant that opened last fall in Franklin Park.  It’s an all-American classic spot, with a soda fountain, booths, and a menu many of us remember from our childhood.  (Was it Renwick’s or the Balt in Princeton?)

I finally had lunch at Confectionately Yours this past weekend, and the half pastrami sandwich you see here was my doggie bag.  For $8 (+ .75 for Swiss cheese), I received the sandwich (pastrami hand sliced to order), good french fries, cole slaw, and pickle.  Freshly brewed iced tea was $2.25, refills included.  The small dish of Butterfinger ice cream (they make their own) I took to my father after was $2.57.  Fantastic, friendly service, too.

A sweet deal in every sense of the word.  Before I left, I briefly talked with Mary Gondek, who owns the restaurant with her husband Joe and two of their six children.  It’s a family affair through and through, with special nights like burgers and shakes on Mondays, classic cars on Tuesdays (they had a hundred cars one night!), prime rib on Thursdays, fish fry on Friday…

I urged them to get a website up and running, but you should just go see for yourself.  Next time, I’m having grilled cheese with tomato and bacon – $7.  Woo hoo!

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