Dinner at Angela’s & Musings on Pork Belly

Pig StomachI tell my friends, Angela and Humphrey Chang, that I’d like to treat them to dinner.

But Angela insists I come to their home for dinner instead.  Fine then, I’ll get to have the visit with them I wanted, although next time I really want to treat them for a change (hint, hint)!

So with the first dish Angela puts down in front of me, she says, triumphantly, “I remember you wrote that you like pig stomach!”  Er, come again?

Finally we sort out the language differences and I clarify for Angela that “pork belly” is so not the same thing as “pig stomach.”  Much laughter.  The dish at left really is pig stomach, stir fried with tofu and cucumber, and it was just delicious.  So I guess I do like pig stomach!  Oddly, in another instance of “pork belly” being a confusing term, when I asked for it at Ely Farm in Newtown PA last fall, I ended up with a hunk of pork butt instead, as I found out when I defrosted it at home a couple months later.marinated soy & green beans

Back to Angela’s dinner, though.  In typical fashion, the pig stomach was just one of about eight dishes she prepared, she really is so amazing! 

We also had marinated soy and string beans, a lovely crispy “pizza” (below left) made with eggroll wrappers and filled with veggies and maybe more tofu (she is working on a tofu cookbook, so this was a chance to try out a bunch of tofu dishes on me. pizza



Below is a dish of stuffed tofu pockets with stir-fried vegetables, so juicy and delicious! 

juicy stuffed tofu

On the left, below, Angela is a master with gently seasoned egg dishes, and this one was no exception.


lamb chops











And, in a gesture to Western ways, she also prepared lamb chops (above) really a rack of lamb, from Trader Joe’s.  That was good (of course!), but with all the other dishes, rather gilding the lily, my dear. 

All told, another tour de force of my friend’s impressive culinary skills.  Xie Xie!

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