Glorious Strawberries


Look what I just brought home from Whole Earth Center – locally grown organic strawberries!  Since I don’t grow my own anymore, this is a treat.  Oh, I know the farm stands likely have them (much less pick-your-own), but that’s an out-of-the way trip for me, and frankly, I’ve just kind of forgotten about strawberries, after so many disappointing ones in the supermarkets (even the upscale ones).  I was in WEC for other items, and spied these right before checking out, and they are delish.

One thought on “Glorious Strawberries

  1. Faith, I know how succulent, rich in perfume and savor, these first berries of spring 2010 must have been. I found my first on Mothers’ Day weekend, in Cape May at a farmstand. The woman tending the stand was appropriately alarmed that the berries were “two weeks early, the earliest I’ve ever seen!”, even at New Jersey’s Land’s End.

    Not all farmstands get the message – I went to one in the Pine Barrens featuring Driscoll’s! (California-born). However, a week later, the same stand, Russo’s in Tabernacle, proudly proclaimed with chalk hand lettering, “Our Own Strawberries!”

    Each box, the Cape May, the Tabernacle, was more precious to me than jewels. In size, color, texture, perfume and multiplicity of flavors, these berries took me back to childhood at its best.

    Thanks for reminding people that we are blessed to live in the Garden State, and to make the most of it. As Mary Penney’s Bumper Sticker proclaims here at D&R Greenway, “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL EVERYTHING!”

    Best, Carolyn

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