Eno Terra Hits the Spot

I haven’t been out to dinner much lately, but a friend and I decided to celebrate the school year’s end (and surviving our stormy winter and spring!) with dinner at Eno Terra

Fried Artichokes

What a nice dinner we had!

On the left you see my appetizer of fried artichokes, which was composed of artichoke hearts, olives, basil, and paper thin-sliced sunchokes and lemon, all fried to a crisp fare-thee-well and served with delicious charred lemon aioli. 

My friend enjoyed her lovely green asparagus soup, too, and we both ordered the same entrée, because who could resist spring soft-shell crabs (below right)?

But first the kitchen sent out a treat (I was dining under my own name, not on a review), a pair of beautiful scallops for each of us, on dramatic long plates strewn and painted with pretty garnishments.  Grazie!

The crabs (we barely had room left at this point!) were sautéed, and plopped on top of house made pasta, with – inspired! – a farm-fresh fried egg on top. There was broth, leeks (maybe?), and some green onion scattered aboutCrab & egg.  (If I am mis-remembering, that is yet another why specials should be printed instead of recited.)  Oh my, it was lovely!

I would love to keep a small menu by my side while I eat, because when you have so many interesting ingredients in these dishes, some of us could use a reminder of what was supposed to be in them.  Or is it just me?

So, a very good dinner, with friendly accomodating service – once again, Eno Terra impresses.

(I want to go back soon to try the wine bar (Enoteca) menu; there’s a marinated lamb panini calling to me…)

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