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Montgomery Farmers Market kicks off Saturday June 6

Montgomery Farmers Market kicks off Saturday June 6

The Montgomery Friends of Open Space proudly reopens their summer Farmer’s Market this weekend, for their thirteenth year. It will be held Saturdays from 9:00am until 1:00pm at the Village Shopper shopping center through October 24th. Founded in 2003 to support agriculture in Montgomery and surrounding areas, the Farmers’ Market has grown from 5 vendors to 18 … Continue reading

Holidays & Gifts

Holidays are creeping up on us with their tiny cat feet, so here are some of the goings on that have arrived in my Inbox lately: I only wish I could celebrate my birthday (39 again!) at the American Museium of Natural History’s Wild Mushroom Harvest: Foraging Local Woods and Markets event on Tuesday (11/9), … Continue reading

Eno Terra Hits the Spot

I haven’t been out to dinner much lately, but a friend and I decided to celebrate the school year’s end (and surviving our stormy winter and spring!) with dinner at Eno Terra.  What a nice dinner we had! On the left you see my appetizer of fried artichokes, which was composed of artichoke hearts, olives, basil, and … Continue reading

Down on the (Fernbrook) Farm

Here’s a farm dinner for a good cause that is so reasonably priced, you may want to take the whole family.  And kids really are welcome, as there will be special activities for them during the event.  On August 8 (4-8pm), TerraMomo Restaurant Group puts on the fourth annual Farm to Table dinner at Fernbrook Farms to benefit the Farm’s … Continue reading