Jersey Fresh at Trader Joe’s

JF asparagusI wondered if I would ever see local foods displayed at Trader Joe’s, and lo and behold, I found these asparagus there the other day.  I’m glad to know that even a corporate behemoth like TJ’s can make room for local products.

I found these somewhere last summer too, and appreciated that they were pre-washed and trimmed.  They are in a special microwave bag, too, for the time-challenged. (I’m not normally a fan of cooking in plastic, but find it hard to resist in this case.)

Sheppard Farms, in Cumberland County, was started in 1683 – that’s not a typo, the family is in their 12th to 14th generation of farmers!

One thought on “Jersey Fresh at Trader Joe’s

  1. hmmm… While pre-washed and trimmed save time, I just cant get over the ammount of packaging used for something that grows in the dirt. Bunched with a thick rubber band is just perfect in my book.

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