Pork Chop

pork chopThis apple almond stuffed pork chop looked pretty good in the meat case at Trader Joe’s.  So I mentally declared it the Fall season, and bought a package of two.  Never as good as one’s own stuffing, but ohhh so easy, and it was not loaded with salt.

It wasn’t bad, either, the stuffing was moist and fruity with the slight crunch of sliced almonds.  The pork was fine.  Boneless pork is never as good as bone-in, but in this case it was worth having it be so easy, just a little olive oil in the baking dish, a sprinkle of salt and pepper on the outside, and into the oven while I finished up some writing.  Salad on the side.

I am always complaining that ever since I started writing about food, it’s hard to find as much time to cook from scratch. It’s true!  So I do make compromises, plus isn’t it great to have someone who’s a guinea pig for all those things you see in the market and think, “I wonder if that’s any good.”  If you choose carefully, it often is.

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