It must be fall (& truffles at Eno Terra)


As soon as fall arrives I start thinking about risotto.  Sure, there are nice summery versions, like the one packed with seafood I recently enjoyed at Fresco Steak & Seafood Grill in Milltown. 

But for me, the “king” of risottos is the one made with mushrooms – porcini, or a blend of wild mushrooms.  I made the one at left a couple of weeks ago. 

I buy dried porcini whenever I see good ones, which to me means pale, intact slices, not a bunch of dark, broken up bits.  And I love the mixed dried wild mushrooms from D’Artagnan sold at Griggstown Quail Farm Market.

Fall is also truffle season, and when I enjoyed a belated birthday dinner at Eno Terra last week, my friend and I were treated to little crisp-fried arancini (risotto balls, lower left), split in half, with some shaved fresh black truffle over it.arancini w-truffle The server told us that right now (during the seaon) you could add shaved black or white truffle to the dish of your choice from the menu, for around $30 I believe, maybe more for white. 

This definitely took me back to Italy.  I made sure to visit Tuscany during the white truffle harvest season, and will never forget the truffles being paraded around the dining rooms.  I celebrated a Big Birthday over there, with a lunch of fresh buttered fettucini with showers of white truffle.  Heaven!

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