La Vache qui Rit

Laughing Cow Blue

I usually spurn processed cheese, but every now and then something like this Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese comes along (same folks make the Babybel cheeses, too).  Laughing Cow, or as they say in France, La Vache qui Rit (a much more amusing website!), has been around forever, and it is handy for those on the go since it doesn’t require refrigeration (which, right there, should scare me off, but, hey, what is cheese anyway but “spoilt” milk?).

A friend of mine was spreading some on crackers one day at lunch, and it looked kind of interesting, so I tried it myself.  Unlike other spreadable processed things I’d tried here and there, this does not overwelm me with salt, although it’s not exactly low-salt at 230 mg per wedge.  My friend also recommended the Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle version.

When I was young, we liked their cheeses because of the cute packaging and French name.  My mother and I were a little French-crazy I guess, but we just loved saying La Vache qui Rit!  With a laugh of course.

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