Super Bowl Action Station

We had a Super Bowl action station in Genomics Café today, featuring competing sandwiches to represent the two Super Bowl teams.

Primanti Bros sandwich

The Pittsburgh Steelers were represented by a Primanti Bros. sandwich, spiced ham (capicola), provolone cheese, cole slaw, tomatoes and fries, all piled onto a big bun (so the truckers can eat it more easily).

Green Bay’s lineup featured a Curly’s Pub Pot Roast Sandwich with braised pot roast, roasted carrots, roasted onions, gravy and horseradish, an a seeded Kaiser roll.

Curly's sandwich




It looked like Green Bay was winning, until they ran out of buns, and from there it was the Steelers all the way!  (Okay, they came out just about even, but if they hadn’t run out of buns, it looked like Green Bay was going to be the big winner.)

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