swordfishI really need to eat more fish. I love it, but can’t seem to manage to have fresh fish on hand when I’m in the mood to have it for dinner. And I usually don’t want to make a special trip to the market for it.

So I took myself to Whole Foods a couple week ago and brought two packages of frozen fillets, swordfish and salmon. At least with them, I figure it’s sustainably caught.

This is the swordfish I baked one night (about 20 minutes at 350°) with bread crumbs seasoned with smoked paprika (that wonderful Spanish Pimenton de la Vera), and olive oil.  It turned out great, even though I could have cooked it a tad less.

I did the same thing a few nights later with salmon.  Not as successful, because for some reason it had an unpleasantly fishy taste, which really surprised me.  Maybe where salmon is concerned, I’d be better off going to the fish counter and having them cut me a couple pieces to wrap separately, and freeze them at home.  Or maybe salmon just doesn’t freeze as well, although I know tons upon tons of it is sold that way.  I did thaw them differently, the swordfish was defrosted in maybe 30 minutes, by dropping the shrink-wrapped fillet in a tub of cold water.  The salmon I defrosted overnight in the fridge, the way you’re supposed to.  I’ll try that 2nd fillet soon, and see if it is any better.  Maybe I’ll spice it differently too, with something stronger. I used to love to coat salmon with ancho chile powder and bake it.

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