leftoversA curried chicken salad on walnut-raisin bread from the Café at work.  Leftover mardi gras slaw from my yummy fish and chips dinner at Main Street Bistro the night before.

Just the thing for a weekend lunch when I was in “lock-down” mode at home on a writing deadline.

I try to think ahead on Fridays, and take home a sandwich from the Café if I know I’ll be too rushed to make lunch the next day.  When I’m busy writing about food the last thing I want to do is…cook!

It’s true – I have a lot less time for cooking since I started writing about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I cook, but it tends to be very quick and simple things, and I often augment with short-cut items here and there (like that frozen grilled zucchini and eggplant from Trader Joe’s I like so much).  I miss that cooking time, but look foward to getting it back someday when I retire from that day job.  Then I can walk the foodie walk, whereas now I often feel I just talk the talk!  (And there will be walking galore, I assure you!)

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