Cool as a Cucumber

Crop VodkaI am in love with Crop organic cucumber vodka.  And I’m not even a vodka drinker!  I noticed it at Glendale Liquor in Kendall Park a year or so ago, and couldn’t resist trying it.

Remember how terribly hot last summer was?  Frankly, on the hottest days, I don’t want anything but water at dinner, but when I do crave a cocktail, I usually go for a gin and tonic.  So, I figured, I’ll have a cucumber vodka and tonic.  Amazing!  It’s a “super-wet” flavor, quenching in the same way that cucumbers are refreshing.

Vodka this good deserves good tonic, so I switched from my usual cheap tonic to one of the new high quality, less sweet brands, like Q or Fever Tree.  Definitely an improvement over the cheap supermarket stuff, which I usually ended up mixing with lemon-lime seltzer to cut the sweetness.

I did a quick Internet search and found that people are making their own tonic water too – who’d a thunk it?  Here’s an example from Jeffrey Morganthaler’s Portland OR based blog.  I also found a taste test comparison of Q and Fever Tree at another Portland site, Portland Food &  (Clearly, Portland is a foodie and beverage paradise!)

And you bloody Mary fans? Crop makes a tomato version, too!  Garnish with bacon and lettuce.

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