Osteria Procaccini – Two thumbs up!

il Tartufo di GianniIt took me far too long to make my way to Kingston to try Osteria Procaccini’s artisan pizza.  They opened during the winter and serve gourmet pizza with natural (and often organic) ingredients.  I’ll make up for my delay on return visits!

I drove up directly from the office, and at 5:30pm on a weeknight, slid right into one of the (free!) parking spaces outside the door.  But if those are full, the lot at the Stitching Horse Saddlery is available, turn in after you pass the restaurant.

There are just a few tables inside, but outside the back door (off the parking lot), a pleasant and spacious deck awaits, so get out there while the weather is nice!  I could tell the locals had already discovered that.

La Napolitana

My friend had never tried burrata cheese (below), and isn’t normally a fan of mozzarella.  But I won her over with burrata over tomatoes (below), drizzled with EVOO and herbs.

Both our pizzas were wonderful, il Tartufo di Gianni (top) with mushrooms, sausage (nitrate free), fresh mozzarella and a soupçon of white truffle oil.  To the right you see the La Napolitana, like puttanesca on a crust, with anchovies, capers, olives, and shaved Parmesan.  The compact menu (link above) also includes antipasti, salads, and panini.

Note the slightly blackened crusts, fired in the terra cotta oven inside the front window where owner Tino Procaccini was on duty (remember La Principessa?).

Tino – YOU’RE THE MAN!!!


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