Cinco de Mayo

Taco al pastorThis taco al pastor is from “A Taste of Mexico” in the Princeton Shopping Center.

Do you know the story of Cinco de Mayo? From a Packet In The Kitchen article I wrote a couple years ago:

The day is often erroneously referred to as Mexican Independence Day, although Mexico had declared its independence years before, on September 16, 1810.  Cinco de Mayo celebrates the May 5, 1862 victory of the Mexican Army against French forces at the battle of Puebla.  Sadly, that victory was short lived; within days the French forces had rallied and Puebla was captured, opening the way to Mexico City, and the defeat of Mexican President Benito Juarez.  With the help of the Mexican Conservative party, Louis Napoleon imposed Maximilian of Hapsburg as Mexico’s emperor in 1864.  But on June 5, 1867, Juarez entered Mexico City where he installed a legitimate government and reorganized his administration.

Now, if you want a chuckle, see the rumor mill version at Snopes.  I hadn’t heard this chestnut before, but a jokester friend of my father’s just forwarded it to me in an email!

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