Jersey Fresh Crushed Tomatoes

Italian Sausage-SpaghettiI’m embarrassed to say it took my nephew in Manhattan to remind me I had a can of Jersey Fresh Crushed Tomatoes languishing in my cupboard.  He saw them on the Fresh Direct website when he was ordering groceries (their first time doing that), and gave them a try, then emailed me “...they were AMAZING. Truly the best canned tomato I have ever used. They have changed the flavor of everything I used them in for the better.”

I had just been to Dolce & Clemente’s in Robbinsville, where I’d picked up sweet and hot Italian sausage (theirs is excellent), so I cooked that up with onions, adding the tomatoes and basil, and simmered it all for about 30 minutes.  I haven’t cooked a red sauce dinner like that in ages, and it was delicious.  The hot sausage was nicely spicy, the sweet had the fennel seeds I like so much (I think they have it with and without fennel, since people tend to have strong preferences on that).  Mama mia those tomatoes were fantastic!

p.s.  I so wish we had Fresh Direct in this area, they have a lot of gourmet items, including prepared foods made with recipes from famous New York restaurants.

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