It’s a plot!

BurrineIt’s official. Those Italians are trying to kill me. With temptation, that is.

I picked up this little bomb, called Burrini, on my recent visit to Dolce & Clemente in Robbinsville. It was shrink wrapped in the cheese case, right next to pieces of scamorza, those balls of cheese that hang from cords above Itlian deli counters everywhere. The word comes from “strangling,” referring to the habit of tying off the cheese with the cord about a third of the way down the pear-shaped ball, which makes a little knob at the top.

So what I bought looked like scamorza with some king of filling, which I was thinking was also cheese, just a different kind, maybe a variation on the outer layer.  Imagine my shock when I cut off a piece and popped it in my mouth the next day at home.  One bite revealed that center is…butter!  Apparently, a little online research showed, you’re supposed to spread the butter on bread and eat that with the cheese. Of course you do.

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