Lobster Roll

lobster rollI had such a hankering for a lobster roll, but it was too hot to even think of a trip to the market. Then I remembered I had four of those tiny lobster tails in the freezer – are they Brazilian? – and that they needed to be used.

So I steamed them, pried them out of the shells (which are armed with the sharpest imaginable points!), and mixed the meat with celery, lemon juice, and mayonnaise.  (It looks like too much mayonnaise here, but it really didn’t seem that way at the time.)

I had side-cut hot dog buns on hand (these are whole wheat, from Trader Joe’s), so I melted a smidge of butter in a pan and toasted the cut sides, before filling the roll with the salad.  While this lobster wasn’t as good as Maine lobster by a long shot, it was still satisfying, and will hold me until I can get the real thing.

I keep looking on restaurant menus, and not seeing a classic lobster roll, which is surprising considering that lobster “anything” seems to be a big trend right now.  I can’t usually go out to lunch, so look for it as a dinner item at a casual spot, and figure it’ll be expensive, but (hopefully) worth it.

I thought surely Main Street would have it, but no.  One 53 – only at lunch (Thursdays & Fridays), so not good for me.  Ditto the Tiger’s Tale.  Maybe they serve it at Saturday lunch sometimes, it was listed as a special for July 23, at their Restaurant Passion page (not my favorite site, often short on details), but when a menu is dated like that, it’s hard to know if the item you’re interested in will be available another day.  So, where can you get a really good lobster roll for dinner?

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