Amish Pork

Amish PorkI often stay home all day on Saturday, to do my writing and catch up on chores etc. from my work week.  But I recently made a point of visiting the Amish Market in Kingston, on the hunt for bockwurst. Sadly, they’d run out early that day, but I did take home some pulled pork, which is available on pig roast day the last Saturday of each month.

When I hear “pig roast” I always think I’m going to find many cuts of juicy roast pork, maybe even with some crackling skin, but I think all they do is shred all the meat and sell it to eat there or take home, as I do, in a container, with their sweetish barbecue sauce packed separately.  The meat is flavorful, but it does need the moisture from the sauce, so I combine them, reheat it, and pile it onto a toasted bun, in this case the whole wheat ciabatta I’ve been buying at ShopRite. This is not an artisan bread, it is squishier than it should be (and only partly whole grain), but somehow satsifying for uses like this, and really good for the grilled cheese sandwiches I make in my ridged panini press (example below).

Grilled CheeseNext to the pork sandwich, you see a spoonful of the delicious tomato-less corn salsa from Trader Joe’s I’ve enjoyed this summer.  It comes in a nice glass jar and is both pretty and piquant. (Next to the grilled cheese you see simple bread and butter pickles.)

These are dinners for me, as I rarely have time for leisurely lunches on the weekend. So, much as I’ve come to enjoy breakfast for dinner, I’ve apparently done the same for lunch, with substantial sandwiches.  BLTs are another current favorite, what with tomato season being in full swing now!

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